Best Bluetooth Speakers under 15000

Buying guide of best Bluetooth Speakers under 15000  Editor’s write-up

Portable Bluetooth speakers are almost a necessity these days considering so many gadgets that we have around these days to play our music or audio. Regardless of whether you are looking to have a speaker to watch RomComs in your home theater in the comfort of your Sofa or you are going to use them to light up the pool party, you are hosting. Long road trips, camping, a small birthday party or hanging out in your penthouse, a Bluetooth speaker is a must to make sure that your music experience is amazing all the time.

There are some really great options out there in the Indian market and we are going to take a look at the Best Bluetooth speakers under 15000 in India.

Like any other Bluetooth speaker there are a few key elements that are always important when deciding what is best for you.

In simple words, what is the Bluetooth range of a speaker? How powerful is the sound? How easy it is to carry it around? And how resistant is it to water and dust? 

So looking at some technical points to watch out for when choosing your Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000

  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth range will decide how far you can be from your Bluetooth Speaker and can still connect with it. For this price range, always lookout for a minimum range of 30+ feet. With regards to the technology itself, the most modern Bluetooth Speakers use 5.0 technology but anything above 4.0 should be a good option.
  • Portability: Here we look at how easy it is to carry and move your Bluetooth around. This depends on the size and weight of the speaker. Although everyone has different uses it is better to a non-bulky and sleek design. You don’t want to be moving around with a heavy, ugly and difficult to carry speaker. That is why the design and portability are very important.
  • Performance: Always look out for speakers with subwoofers and good bass.  You don’t want to find the voice creaking whenever you turn the speaker to a higher volume. You would want to use your Bluetooth speakers outdoors and you should look into its bass to ensure that the sound is not lackluster and the output is crisp. 
  • Ruggedness: Now I use the word rugged because let’s accept it, you would want to use your Bluetooth in an overnight camping trip or a pool party. So it is important to check for features such as water resistance and dustproof. You won’t be able to control a small splash of water or winds when outdoors and you want a speaker that is capable of handling it. Keep in mind, there is a difference between being waterproof and water-resistant. There are certifications like IPX 4, 5, 6 & 7 which will differentiate between whether a device is splash-proof, spray proof, waterproof or submerged into waterproof. Always make sure the speaker you are buying fits your needs.
After going through hundreds of options out there, we have handpicked 10 of the best options that you have in the under 15000 Bluetooth speaker category. We have also included a mystery option for you if you want to go for something unique! So let’s take a look

1. JBL Charge 4 – Top of List – Best Bluetooth Speaker under 15000


Let’s start out JBL Charge 4 review with its size, it has a 10.8 Inch wide cylindrical design and comes in 11 different stylish colors. With neat little buttons for power, Bluetooth connectivity, volume and playback on the front.

Its Horizontal design pushes the audio out from the front, it is a perfect outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Weighing at around 1.360 KGs, it’s certainly not a lightweight in the category and a rugged look with a durable fabric skin design allows it to resist all weather damages.

Whether you are taking it to the shower with you or to the beach, it will give you a great audio output. If your main aim is to use it outdoors or at any place with noise around, this is your go-to Bluetooth speaker. 

You won’t need to spend 2 hours going through how to use printouts for JBL Charge 4, the speaker is self-explanatory and it can be easy to plug and play straight away.

One of the best parts about this speaker has a very powerful battery life, you can easily use it for 18-20 hours of playback without having to charge it, which is a great advantage.

Another cool feature that JBL Charge 4 has is that it can charge your smartphone if you connect it via USB. All in all, it’s a great speaker for outdoor uses and will deliver a powerful performance without you having to worry much for its maintenance.

      • Easy to set up and use
      • A long battery life
      • Balanced powerful sound, great for outdoor music
      • The rugged design which will handle outdoor resistance like water and air
      • Takes around 4 hours to charge
      • Doesn’t have 360 degree sound, not very suitable for indoor parties

2. Sony SRS-XB41 Best Party Speaker



Sony’s SRS – XB41 is a great Bluetooth speaker that has a very uber stylish look and feel about it. Available in 4 different colors ( White Blue Red ) Sony SRS – XB41 has led panels on the edges and provides a very cool look during playing audio.

Using the Bluetooth 4.2 technology it will be easy to use with any smartphone and now it also does have IP67 certificate which means its not only dust and waterproof but is also rustproof. That means, if you take it to a beach and the speaker gets submerged into salty waters, it would be no problem!

Another new feature is that when dropped into water, it will float on the top which is a great quality to have. 

It has some great features like 3D sound and Live mode to get a better party experience. The backside of the speaker has a waterproof flap, which will tell you the percentage battery remaining every time you open it.

The battery life is impressive 22 hours without LEDs and Full bass and around 16 hours at LEDs and bass at 50% which is very impressive. Features like USB charging of your smartphone and pairing of multiple Sony speaker devices to create a great party atmosphere are cool. This speaker is ideally suited for medium-sized apartments or outdoor parties.

      • Water, Dust and Rust proof
      • Stylish looks with multicolour LEDs
      • Battery giant
      • Best Bluetooth speaker for Party lovers
      • Many funky features that you may not use much

3. Echo plus 2nd Generation Best For Smart Home


 Amazon Echo’s 2nd generation Alexa Speaker comes in a new squad design which is smaller than its predecessor. A nice fabric covering on all the sides with toggle buttons on the top, the new Amazon Echo is much sleeker than earlier. If the first generation devices were a tall glass of water, the 2nd generation Echo Plus is a beer mug.

There are 6 different shell designs available to Echo Plus and it still comes with Alexa Echo’s standard Blue Light ring led on top. Using Zigbee technology, it can now connect to your other smart devices as well which are not Alexa compatible.

The new Amazon Echo Plus has an inbuilt temperature sensor as well.

Coming to its audio performance, this speaker has a big upgrade on Amazon Echo’s 1st Generation device, using a 2.5-inch woofer and Dolby processing, the output is louder and crisper. It also has 7 microphones and its noise cancellation has improved a lot which will help the device to listen to your voice while it plays the music.

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation is the best audio output device in its Alexa Fleet and can serve well as a complete smart home hub. In case you want to use it as an outdoor speaker you will have to get a subwoofer separately. All and all it’s a great option to have if you are looking for Alexa!

      • More attractive looking
      • Alexa compatible and serves as a smart home solution
      • Intelligent algorithm and gets a lot of tasks done for you
      • Much better sound & bass performance than its predecessor
      • Needs constant plug-in power reducing its portability
      • Can not be used as an outdoor speaker without an additional woofer

4. Bose Soundlink Color II Compact speaker


Moving on to our next option which is Bose Soundlink Color II, now this Bluetooth speaker is a bit throwback in more ways than one. In the segment where there are many funky and stylish designs, Bose Soundlink Color II is a good old classic speaker that gets the job done.

This new version has a more premium rubberized coating giving a very classy look compared to its earlier plastic body. The buttons on the top are very basic and make a clicky sound every time you press it, again a retro feature, unlike modern smooth overlay designs. Minimum buttons like volume, power, and Bluetooth makes the design simple and only other ports available on the designs are on its side where you can plug in via an input cable, which means that the speaker does not have a USB charging or pairing feature like a lot of its compatriots.

The battery life is about 8 hours which is good for casual use but if you are looking to use it for a whole day of traveling you will need to recharge it somewhere down the line. 

The audio performance is neat and subtle. Even at its highest volume, it doesn’t creak and gives a smooth output. Important to note is that Bose Soundlink Color II is IPX 4 category which is water splash resistant, which means it does not cover water sprays or getting submerged in water like IPX 6,7 and 8 does.

Thus an occasional splash of water is fine but if you want to take it on a boat or a beach this may not be very suitable. All and all, this speaker does a good job indoors and if you are not bothered by something very fancy, this is still a very good option.

      • Simple design, easy to operate
      • Subtle, clean output
      • Premium look with new design
      • Good audio separation, giving a 360 performance
      • Limited battery life
      • Not a huge bass, not a device for outdoors
      • Doesn’t have fancy features like multiple device pairings

5. JBL Charge 3 Best Choice


JBL and especially JBL Charge 3 is very hard to overlook. JBL’s Charge 3 is a very good replica of its Extreme series and at 8.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall, weighing in around 800 grams,

it’s a very solid mid-sized Bluetooth speaker with some very good features that we expect from a JBL device. Starting from its rugged fabric look, it gives a sturdy look to the device that resembles a lot to the Charge 4 series.

It has Bluetooth, power and play+pause buttons on the top with a waterproof cover at the back from where you can connect your phone to the speaker via a 3.5 MM Aux. It also has a USB power port and input charging port where you can both charge the device as well as charge your phone from the device itself. 

It has a very impressive 20-hour battery life when fully charged and it comes with IPX 7 certification that means this device is waterproof even if it’s submerged into water that is 1 meter deep. Unlike many other devices, it doesn’t sink in the water but it floats which means it’s a great option to take with you to a pool party. 

It has a very impressive 40-meter connectivity range and has a very good bass which won’t be distorted even at the full volume. Unless you want a very high-end product with features like NFC connectivity and 360 degrees sound. JBL Charge 3 is a very solid option for most of us looking to have a rugged and hassle-free device.

      • long battery life+
      • Balanced powerful sound, great for outdoor music
      • Rugged design which will handle outdoor resistance like water and air
      • Takes around 4.5 hours to charge
      • Doesn’t have 360 degree sound due to lack of rear end speakers

6. Creative iRoar Go Audiophile Lovers


Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000


The new creative iroar go has continued its legacy of premium look and feel from its earlier versions. A classy metal finish gives a very rich look to the device.

It’s a medium-sized Bluetooth speaker, weighing in around 810 grams. It has a vertical audio playing design which means that the audio will be pushed towards you rather than towards the ceiling giving a better impact despite its relatively modest size.

The device comes with an IPX 6 certification that means it can handle water splashes, so it’s not a bad choice to play some music on the poolside. One striking thing about this device is that the buttons are dipped in to avoid accidental pressing rather than the conventional mound-like buttons.

The idea is nice and even though it may take a while to get used to it, it’s a very cool feature. It has a charging USB and AUX input port of 3.5 MM. And it also gives a micro SD card slot, the battery life is around 12 hours when fully charged. 

Overall this is a good device to play music indoor or for small outdoor parties. 

      • Classy & Premium look
      • Micro SD card slot
      • Very good Bass for a medium sized Bluetooth speaker
      • Clean audio output and doesn’t distort at the highest levels
      • Only the USB won’t be sufficient to charge the device, you need its USB adaptor as well

7. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Best for Conferencing users



Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is one of the most unique and attractive designs going around in this Bluetooth speaker market. It’s pretty big but elegant, slim and very attractive. It looks more like a home décor item then a speaker. It has a very premium fabric cover on the front with the solid plastic back cover. A handle to carry it around with slight flexing over all the speaker fabric.

Now unlike many other rugged outdoor speakers, this is a speaker that needs to be handled properly, it is not waterproof and drop-proof. As you may have guessed already, it is very much an indoor speaker.

Coming to its features, it runs on a Bluetooth 4.2 technology which should be good enough for most users, it has Aux jacks on the back to charge it along with a small USB port which unfortunately can only be used to service the device or upgrade its software.

The battery life is only 8 hours when fully charged but considering it’s going to be used primarily indoors it should not be a huge issue. The switches on the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 are very clicky and can take a little time to get used to. This device can not be paired with any other devices nor does it have any go back option while playing audio. All and all this is a speaker if you want something elegant and beautiful and prefer looks over having many fancy features.

      • Very stylish and elegant design
      • Good crisp audio quality
      • Despite its size and shape, it doesn’t trip easily
      • Can only be used as an indoor speaker
      • Limited battery life
      • Does not have rewind option
      • Can not be paired with other devices

8. Amazon Echo Spot  Alexa  all in one Device

 Amongst Amazon’s very wide range of devices, Echo Spot is a tiny but unique device that serves as not only a speaker but also has a touch screen display, alarm clock, weather guide, video calling facility and allows you to watch movies and tons of other content as well! Yes, the Echo Spot comes with a sleek small screen that looks very clean and precise and the design overall is very soft and inviting.

There are volume up and down buttons along with Alexa disabling switch on the top with two input jacks at the lower back portion of the device allowing for a power cable and a 3.5 aux jack. The speaker is surprisingly good for its size and there are many cool features that you can use here.

The device is best suited to watch small videos and trailers since watching long movies on a small screen may not be most comfortable. One more thing to remember is that it only plays videos from Amazon Prime and Youtube is not part of it. In case you want to use this as a louder and outdoor speaker you can plug Echo Spot to a bigger speaker to get extra power! Overall it’s a good choice if you are looking for something small and indoors. 

      • Decent sound quality
      • Sleek and soft design
      • A touch screen that can play videos
      • Can act as an alarm clock and show weather details
      • Needs to be plugged in to get power
      • Can’t be used as an outdoor speaker

9. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Best in sounding


Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is a hippy Bluetooth speaker loaded with great features and excellent looks. Unlike its earlier models, it now has a thinner, shiny and sleek design which looks very reflective and feels very subtle. It is available in many attractive colors as well.

The speaker is IPX 7 certified which means it is water and dust resistant and also it won’t sink when dropped into water, making it a very ideal pool or beach speaker. It is also a drop-proof speaker that means that if you happen to drop it on a hard floor by chance, it won’t be game over for the speakers. 

The top part of the speaker has power, pause and play buttons along with a magic button which can automatically play your favorite playlist just by pressing it for 3 seconds. You need to download the UI app and configure your playlist with it first.

The bottom part of the speaker has a rubber flap that has a charging USB port, a small light below that port shows you the status of the battery. You can separately buy a wireless charging dock if you don’t want to carry around its charging wire. The battery life is pretty decent at around 14 hours but the best thing about this speaker is its range.

It has best in the category 40-meter range which is very impressive. There are also other cool features like Amazon Alexa connect and can connect with multiple devices at a given time. Overall if you are looking for something which is sturdy and can be used outdoors, this is a great choice for you.

      • Water, dust and drop resistance
      • Amazing and best in class 40 meters range
      • The very attractive and portable design which is very easy to move around with
      • Weird position of charging port and charge indication light

10. Jabra Speak 510 Speaker phone


We are almost at the end of the list and now is the time for our mystery pick as promised at the start of the article. We have gone through so many options in the Bluetooth speakers market and we have covered almost all the aspects. But our mystery choice is Jabra Speak 510!

A very unique and eye-catching UFO style design is a great starter, the speaker is made of very sturdy plastic material with very stylish indicative lights around the edges to show the status of the volume. The chrome grill finishing and smudge-proof metal will ensure a very classy look.

The device comes in with preattached USB for charging but the bottom of the speaker has a section where the USB wires will fit perfectly into without anyone noticing. The base is non slip rubber material making its grip very strong and the volume, power, playback and Bluetooth buttons are evenly spread on the dial.

The speakers are giants for its size and it has got a very good range for an indoor speaker. It is a great option if you use conference calls frequently and the natural noise control makes talking and listening over the speakers a very seamless experience. The speaker comes in with a nice soft case with zipper making it extremely easy to carry around. So if you are looking for something which is unique, stylish and gets a good job done, Jabra Speak 510 might just be a great option for you.

      • Lightweight
      • Unique and attractive design
      • Crisp and decent audit quality
      • Great to make conference calls and group chats
      • May not be very suitable for noisy outdoors


A good Bluetooth speaker is a very important part of your modern-day gadget army. It can make your audio experience across all of your devices a very enjoyable one. Its portability, audio capabilities, and looks can go a long way in making sure that all your devices like TV, Smartphones, Music  Systems, Computers give a consistent and good quality audio output and your experience is always a smooth one.

There are certain features that should always be looked at when making a decision to buy a Bluetooth speaker, like, it’s Bluetooth technology, weight and portability, water and dustproof and audio capacity. Also not to forget its battery capacity and the mode of charging as we are all likely to be in a situation where we may have to charge the speaker itself or take a little help from our speakers by getting a charging boost in our phones. 

So we have gone through the crème de la crème of the best Bluetooth speakers under 15000, there are some powerful and rugged options which are waterproof, dustproof and are a perfect companion for your beach parties, taking it with you camping or going on a long road trip with friends, we have also seen some elegant and stylish beauties that will not only light up your home from its uber-cool looks but will also give you options like alarm clock, weather updates, and smart home solutions.  And in the end, we also had a mystery option for you if thinking out of the box and having something unique is what you are looking at.

We really hope that our list of best Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 was helpful and you can soon decide your speaker companion based on the list that we have come up with. Have fun!

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