Best Sewing Machine for Home Use in India

With the advancement of technology, the search for the best sewing machine for home use in India has been increased drastically! In this fashionable trend, many people are opting for ready-made dresses. But practically, not every dress fits the individual perfectly.

Thus, they have decided on alteration. However, revolving around the tailors is a big task. So better have your own best sewing machine for home use.

It will save your time and money for alternation works and DIY (Do It Yourself) stitching. Another advantage is that this machine will enhance your creative mindset too.

Our Top List of Best Sewing Machine For Home Use in India

Sewing machines are always handy for household needs. Even if you are fond of stitching your dresses, the sewing machine will help you the most. They are useful in small stitching activities of the household that are urgent but requires no heavy tailoring.

As you get multi-purpose sewing needs in a single device, it is always an excellent idea to get a sewing machine at home.

1. Brother Sewing CS6000I – Best Sewing Machine for Home Use in India



  •  60 Built-In Stitches
  • Computerized Sewing
  • 7 styles of one-step buttonholes
  •  9 included presser feet
  • Detachable oversized table
  • Automatic needle threader
  • The easy-view LCD display,
  • Easy bobbin winding system
  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Brightly Lit LED Work Area
  • Free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves
  • 1 Step Auto-Size 

  • LCD display stitch selector
  • Create quilts with ease
Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India

Brother Sewing CS6000I

Awarded as the “WOMEN CHOICE AWARD, 2018”, this sewing machine is ranked as the best sewing machine for home use In India It has been the most recommended Sewing machine with whooping 90% customer recommendation

Brother Sewing CS6000I is equipped with 60 built-in stitches. It is the best machine for the DIY activities. Not only you stitch your clothes; it can be useful to make different types of bags, home items, and gift material Moreover, this sewing machine is convenient as it can be moved quickly due to the lightweight and simple structure.

Another distinctive feature is its sturdiness! You can soon make it a companion for the next 8-10 years. It is a lower-maintenance and higher performer machine.

This handy sewing machine allows you seven types of styles of 1-step adjustable buttonholes, and its table is quilting in nature. You can relax a bit with its automatic threaded option. The machine is quiet making less sound make stitching comfortable. Its adjustable speed can make your work very convenient and smoother too! LCD stitch selector of the device will inform you in the process.

Key Point

This machine comes with the dimension of 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches and a large table with 5.9 KG of weight. Overall, this is the best sewing machine for beginners or experts. All the required features and similarly fantastic performance of this machine makes it a topper of the list!

2. Usha Janome Dream Stitch – Highly Recommended Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine



  •  7 built-in stitches
  • 4-step buttonholing
  • Auto tripping bobbin system
  • Stitch length control
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Sewing speed: 860 SPM
  • Triple strength stitch
  • 14 applications including lace fixing
Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India

Usha Janome Dream Stitch

The brand says it all Usha best sewing machine for home use in India. The particular Janome automatic zigzag sewing machine is stylish yet sturdy. Branded with two attractive colors (Blue and White), it supports one dial pattern selection and endorses the compact free arm.

Fourteen applications including smocking, quilting, rolled hemming, lace fixing and zip fixing are in-built in the device. The zigzag machine also holds seven built-in stitches along with 4- step button holdings.

When there are low light conditions, you need not worry about the light as it is a sewing light. The bobbin system is auto tripping, automatic needle threading and drops feed for embroidery is also supported. The stitching speed is so good that when an experienced tailor works on it they did not find it difficult to manage within time.


You can change the stitching length based on the garment you choose to stitch, and triple strength stitch supports to ensure the stiffness of the suit. Product dimensions are 29 x 20.7 x 38.4 cm and weigh about 6.5 kilograms, which is easy to carry.

For the beginners who would like to practice and want to do business out of it, these machines help significantly Unlike older sewing machines, these new-edge machines have a built-in motor and run on electricity. It helps to reduce the manual force that has to apply for it to complete the task. It will help to sew more with less possible efforts. With the help of a sewing machine at home, you can decorate our house too! So what are you waiting for? Buy a sewing machine suitable for your needs to make your home beautiful, and stitch clothes the way you like and keep trending with your designs. Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

3. Brother HC1850 – A Stylist look



  • 130 Built-in Stitches

  • 8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles
  • adjustable sewing speed
  • detachable wide table
  • 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches
  • Backlit LCD display


  • 8 Presser Feet

  • push-button stitch selector
  • automatic threading system
  • detachable foot controller
  • free-motion quilting
  • Quick set drop-in bobbin
  • Quilting Machine


Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India

Brother HC1850

Are you looking for the machine bundled with features? Choose blindly Brother HC1850. It’s a modern digitalized best sewing machine for home use along with an instructional DVD!

This machine comes with whooping 130 built-in stitches and eight presser feet. The full table of this machine provides necessary comfort while tailoring.

It has a built-in sewing font which is useful for the monogramming purpose. A one-step buttonhole with eight styles helps you in beautiful stitches. Other feature included foot controller that will help you in better positioning while stitching of quilts and clothes. This machine the most reliable and secures operated as it provided buttonholes, zippers, and blind hems too!

Key Point

The flawless work of this machine is impressive! You can watch the DVD while performing the winding, threading, and peddling! The DVD will instruct you how to play every function of sewing the character stitches, letters, name, date, etc. Interesting, isn’t it? Everything you can do with programming on DVD.
It is a reliable machine that can stitch even thicker fabric with its sturdy needles. The fancy stitching is a highlight of this machine. This machine is one of the highly recommended take-ups for modern users.

4. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine – Highly Promising



  • 8 built-in stitches
  • Free Arm Convertible

  • Easy Threading
  • Adjustable Zigzag Width
  • large thread spool cap
  • 1 Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • Simple Stitch Selection
  • 24 Stitch Functions
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Preset Stitch Length and Width

Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India

Singer Promise 1408

The American made Singer 1408 best sewing machine for home use in India is effortless to use. Even the beginners can use it flexibly and more comfortably. Making buttonholes is comfortable and all you need in four easy steps. The heavy-duty metal frame is suitable for skip-free sewing, and overall performance and durability will increase.

Eight in-built stitches include straight, zigzag, blind hem, satin, scallop are some to name. Four-step buttonhole and one decorative function are pre-loaded for creative designers. The product weighs about 7.01 kg that is quite easy to carry. You can turn the pressure feet on or off for the sewing machine within a snap.

For the beginners, how to use CD explains the device functionality and features are provided along with the sewing machine. The removable free arm helps to the easy access to difficult to reach areas like collars, cuffs and pant hems. No need to manage the stitch length and width, which annoys the users to adjust for every single garment they change.

Key Point

It automatically adjusts to the best possible lengths and widths. Accessories holder holds most of the things like bobbins, needles, darning plate, seam ripper, lint brush, zipper foot, and spool in felt, a significant thread spool cap, and many others.

5. Usha Janome allure – Alluring Beauty Indeed



  • 13 built-in stitches
  • Auto Trip Bobbin Winder
  • 21 applications
  • 4-step buttonhole sewing
  • Quilting and smocking
  • Reverse stitch button
  • Satin stitch
  • Honeycomb stitch
  • Overcast stitch
  • Triple Strength Zig Zag
  • Rick Rack Stretch
  • Automatic Zig-Zag machine
Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India

Usha Janome allure

Using Japan made Usha Janome allure automatic best sewing machine for home use in India give wings to your creative side of the brain. It has two dials with which you can choose the best one of the two which suits your needs perfectly.

There are 13 in-built stitching functions including satin stitch, zip fixing, embroidery, stretch stitching, rolled stitching, blind hemstitching and featuring up to 21 applications like four-step button holding.

You can choose the stitch length and can sew in a circular motion quite easily. The bed type is free and easy to stitch even circular motions correctly. This will undoubtedly increase your stitching skills. The product weighs up to 7.08 kg, which is quite less but weighs more than its competitors consider.

Key Point

The speed is around 550 spm (stitches per minute) that allows stitching fast and making your work fast and reliable. The talking point apart from features is its look Damn handsome it is. The elegant look makes this machine a part of your home beauty. Unquestionably considerable for the perfect blend of elegance and brain.

6.Brother XR9500PRW- Enduring Automatic



  • 100 Built-in Stitches
  • 8 one-step auto-size buttonholes
  • back-lit LCD screen
  • Brightly Lit LED Work Area
  • Needle Threading System
  • Quick Set Bobbin
  • Quilting Table
  • built-in 55 alphanumeric stitches
  • 140 Stitch Functions
  • Needle Position Button
  • Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves
  • Accessory Storage
Best Sewing Machine for Home use in India


Just go for it, if you are looking for the best sewing machine for home use in India limited-edition miracle! It is a runway machine with comfortable quilting table. This defined edition machine has a capacity of 100 built-in stitches. It is a lovely machine with a lot of automatic things inside it!

Wonderful automatic threader, an electronic sensor that tells you about pressure foot, programmed instruction through DVD, and so on

The endless possibilities of this machine make it so unique as compared to other products on the list. This machine is not only featured with electronic gadgets; it is handy to use manually tooIt’s a quickly paced bobbin system with adjustable tension.

The machine is convenient as its lightweight with only 4.5 Kg will enable you to frequently shifting within the home. The table is not so large, but comfortable enough to prove its worth! Its table dimension of 51.5x 32.2 x 44.8cm saves the precious space of your home.

Key Point

You will indeed have fun while working on this fabulous machine. Apart from regular DVD instructions, the device has a speed control switch which is excellent support for beginners. You needn’t have to give a second thought if you are a beginner.

Look for the qualities like needle position, needle threader, feed-dog fine-tuning, automatic button holder, presser feet, tension adjustment, top-load bobbin, speed control, and power switch are a few to noticeable things before buying the best sewing machine for home use. Regardless of the features it possesses, it is better to own a sewing machine at home, as many small household works meet perfectly through these compact devices. As they are small and compact, one can carry them quickly to any other place rather than fixing them at a single location.

7. Usha Janome Stitch Magic – The blend of Style and Design



  • 57 Built-in Stitches
  • Stitch functions 23 built-in designs
  • Needle threading automatic
  • Drop Feed for Embroidery
  • Stitch Length Control
  • Drop & Sew Bobbin System
  • Bobbin system auto tripping
  • Sewing Light
  • Triple Strength Stitch
  • Stitch Pattern Selector

Usha Janome Stitch Magic

Usha stitch magic sewing machine is the most advanced best sewing machine for home use suitable for a new age designer stitching. The body has aluminum material, which does not rust and its lightweight made easy to carry from place to place.

One has no worries to fix the thread or change it; the thread is attached to the needle and supports color-coded functionality with thread cutter on the faceplate. It has more added and advanced features, 57 stitch functions and 23 built-in designs. The triple strength stitch helps to stitch the thick and heavy fabrics like jeans. The free arm helps to sew in circular motions.

Key Point

This Japan made machine brand has the dimensions of 45 x 23 x 35 cm and weighs about 10 kg that is quite easy to carry through tough to hold for a long as it is quite weighable. But it’s most adorable when you choose a perfect place to reside! The curvy look of this heavy-built machine reflects the style persona of the beholder

8. Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 – Justifying its name


  • 120 built-in stitches
  • LCD screen
  • Extension table
  •  50 different combination patterns
  • Mirrored editing
  • Variable speed controller
  • Computerized sewing machine
  • Variable speed control
  • Direct stitch selection
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Stitch width of 7 mm
  • start/stop button for hands-free operation

Usha Janome Dream Maker 120

This Usha Janome Dream Maker is a gem machine for experts all functions are automatic! As the title indicates this machine is the excellent companion for trendy fashion people. This computerized gem has a free-arm machine that is very handy for beginners. It has an automatic thread trimmer that minimizes your head over while working on tricky patterns.

The internal skeleton of the sewing machine has a heavy-duty metal frame that helps for perfect durability and sewing made more comfortable. One can change the needle position for individual projects like topstitching, inserting zippers and cording. Easy access and offers professional results to cuffs pant hems, collars and other delicate areas to reach.

Almost all the standard accessories are included for the user convenience like a screwdriver, needle, quilting guides, spool pin felt, darning plate, power foot control, soft-sided dust cover and lint brush are a few to name.

50 different combination patterns and 120 built-in stitches and alphabets help the user to work more smoothly. The built-in sewing light aids to stitch correctly even in low light regions. 50.8 cm x 29.464 cm is the dimensions of the product which weighs almost 10.2 Kg.

Key Point

The overall proportion of this best sewing machine for home use suggests its perfection! You will get the sturdy and handsome look in the few tools, and this Dream Maker from the Usha brand is one of them!

9. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch – Wonderful stitching experience



  • 13 built-in stitches
  • Triple strength stitch
  • Automatic Feed Dog Drop
  • Free arm for circular stitching
  • 21 stitch functions applications
  • Carrying handle
  •  21 stitch functions
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Blind stitch hemming
  • Sewing light with switch
  • Auto tripping bobbin system
  •  Buttonhole stitch

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch

The oldest brand of the sewing machine is undoubted “Usha.” The name is sufficed to show the quality of the device. It’s one of the finest brands in making sewing machines either electronic or non-electronic. Based on the users’ choice and compatibility they make several machines.

There are many features of the Usha Janome automatic electric zigzag sewing machine. You can select the stitch length, and the two dial pattern ensures the stitch is strong that avoids stitching the same side length again.

There are seven built-in stitching programs along with 14 applications like button fixing, stretch stitching, satin stitch, rolled hemming and smoking are a few prefixes in the device. Dimensions of the product are 45 x 23 x 35 cm, and the weight is about 7.08 Kg.

Free arm bed type allows you to move the material according to the user convenience like rotating the cloth into circular motions. This function is useful in bobbin system while embroiling, needle threading and light sewing on the clothes.

Key Point

It has a sufficient sewing speed of 860SPM which can easily control stitch length and can be useful in triple strength stitching. Genuinely excellent product to have if branding concern!

10. Singer Sewing Machine 1306 – Neat and clean it is!



  • 6 built-in stitches
  • Easy threading buttonhole
  • 4 Step Buttonholer
  • Bright LED Light
  • Dual Spool Pins
  • 750 stitches per minute
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • 1 automatic, 4-step buttonhole
  • Easy Threading
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • Free Arm Convertible
  • Preset Stitch Length and Width


Singer Sewing Machine 1306-Best Sewing Machine For Home Use

Singer Sewing Machine 1306

One of the best automatic sewing machines for beginners who like to stitch on their comfort! The sewing machine offers six in-built stitching patterns with one buttonhole and one decorative. The LED light provided with the device that illuminates the stitch area that is used to stitch at the place of your convenience.

Straight, zigzag, satin, 4 step buttonhole, scallop, and blind hem make 4e3 the work more comfortable for the tailors.

The dual spool pins are used to twin stitching which works well at hemming and gives a decorative touch. It also has a zipper foot, cording, piping, buttonhole foot to add buttonholes and a few other feet are available to stitch according to the convenience. 35 x 18 x 29 cm is the product dimensions, and this machine weighs about 4.3 kg, which is lightweight as compared to its peers.

Key Point

Its lightweight properties made this machine quite handy if you are in the business or job and your work demands to move frequently from one place to another.

Final Words

Almost every other sewing machine mentioned here is compact and comfortably fits into one’s closet. Some of them are the best sewing machine for home use for beginners and some suits well for the advanced users. Based on the built-in features they are divided into different groups and make the work more convenient and comfortable. From the beginners to the advanced user’s everyone can use and build their skills more powerful. Keep in mind all the things you are looking for in a sewing machine when you opt for buying.

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